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All contributed files are scanned for potentially dangerous filetypes on upload, then reviewed by the site administrator or facilitators before being released to the public. The zipped packages associated with member-contributed tools are generated by the Toolbox itself and are presented for your convenience. However, if you prefer to download the individual files directly, select "View Package Contents" and click on the files you want to view.

A Guide to Designing Personal Learning Environments (PLE)
Pam Parenty
Secondary, Tertiary
This is a website created for Junior High, Secondary and post-secondary students to help them design and create their own personal learning ...

Reflections: Inclusive Leadership and Practice in Education
Jane Downing
I came to [MDDE] 631 as a novice in the sphere of inclusive leadership and approached the 631 journey as a passionate pursuit to unravel ...

Student of the Week and Best Class Ever
Deidre Keller
Student of the Week is a project to recognize individual students, building self-esteem and self-awareness. Best Class Ever! is a

Spirit Buddies and other UDL ideas for the classroom
Amber Hensch
This collection of ways to implement UDL in the classroom features a description of Spirit Buddies, an activity pairing students to allow ...

Talking Heads
Terry-Ann Driedger
In this detailed lesson plan, students use a conceptual mapping app and other digital tools to create a self-profile. In the end, you have ...
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